Is your product addressing a human+climate calling?

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Because now, you have to win.

What you do matters.
Today, you must do it with AMBITION.
Because the world changed.
Customers and the planet now need what you sell,
like never before.
You HAVE to win. Big.
For that, you must redefine how you tell your story.
So be Fearless.
Go for Brkthru.
Content Studio for Mission Brands

We’re a boutique content studio that uses the power of brand journalism and storytelling to help companies, cities and NGOs tackle the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place.

AlexDiazEco is a COMMON Company
Creative Accelerator of Social Enterprises and Projects

In this new era, a new way to tell your story

In 2015, marketing became all about digital. In 2016, digital became all about content. Since, content has become all about passion. And inspiration. And authenticity. Because what people love to click on, read and share most are stories that connect with them and their inner circles, and that is more so in the eco space you occupy with the solutions you offer. You are the stuff of passion, inspiration, authenticity. And so are we. This is the content we produce.

We can help two ways:


Massive digital-news clutter has turned into a heavy wind. It is hard, lacking a huge budget, for your one voice to break through and reach your targets consistently during the year, every year — every target, mind you (consumers, the media, investors, employees, suppliers, others). To do so, your content must be less promotional and more purposeful. Wrap your product in your deeper mission and meaning, preferably with a social movement, and it will connect with more people, who will then carry you deep into viral cyberspace. That’s our approach, with Wind.

Dynamic Calendar

Every good content advisor has you prepare an Editorial Calendar to fill the year with stories. And that’s good. The key to achieving breakthrough, though, is to surprise, entertain and delight your audiences, to keep them coming back for more, with a lively mix of creative formats all year long. Aside from the traditional text articles, photos and videos, let’s create a weekly or monthly YouTube show. Or how about a string of thought-leadership webinars, live events and white papers. This, in addition to the Wind behind your content, will achieve message breakthrough.

“You know how in sports, when you’re staring at that trophy during a timeout, and you’re just dying to get back out on that court and take the last shot or make the key pass to win it?

That’s us. Right now. And the ball’s in your hands. It’s called your brand.”

About Alex Diaz

This is where I’m supposed to tell you about all the big and small brands I’ve worked with since I began in 1986, my journalism, sustainability, leadership, etc., etc. That you can find in my LinkedIn profile.

I’d rather use this space to say just one thing that adds to the rest of this site. I’ve used these 30 years to pick up the skills and insights that now, with the game on the line, I’m dying to place at the service of your brand. I’m all in. As are you, which is why we’re both here.

So let’s go. There is zero time to waste. You HAVE to win.

Let’s do it together.


What can you do with your amazing content?

As a Content Studio, AlexDíazEco helps you strategize and create your Wind content across a Dynamic Calendar. But then you have to amplify those stories across a series of channels to reach your targets and achieve your communications and marketing objectives. On that front, we can help two ways. First, we work seamlessly with your in-house communications and/or agency team as a supplier of content. Second, we offer some of those channels, as well.

So, take your content and amplify it across these outlets:

  • Internal communications
  • Website
  • Blog/magazine
  • Social media pages
  • Email blasts
  • Waiting areas

When it comes to owned media, hire AlexDíazEco for your corporate writer/editor needs, along with COMMON partners.


  • The press, news media
  • Others’ social media pages
  • Influencers
  • Employees
  • Partners, collaborators
  • Other stakeholders


  • Local, national and global media
  • Sponsored posts on social media
  • Media where Alex Díaz is a writer/editor:
    PlanetSave— for eco-related stories
    The Resilence Journal— blog journalism
    focused on climate change


Your path to victory starts here

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We’re looking for you.
The world is looking for you.
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email, text, call.
Because the ball
is in your hands.
It’s your product.
It’s your brands.
With us, you have the team
that can help you Go for Brkthru,
to become a market leader at scale.
You can do it. We can do it.
Together, we can be Fearless.
Reach out to Alex today. Give us the privilege of joining your team.